Explore a New Language In a Virtual World 🌍

Today I'm launching Backpack, a 3D game where you can learn a language while exploring a virtual world.

I built Backpack because language learning companies still haven't taken advantage of 3D gaming and virtual reality. After waiting years for someone to build something like this, I decided to go ahead and make it myself!

My passion for learning languages has helped me explore new cultures and meet amazing people, but make no mistake: language learning is hard. It can be a challenging, lonely marathon. The dopamine rush of ordering food from a night market vendor in their native tongue is earned through lots of trial and error.

This is because conversation is the best way to grow your skills. But how do you get to the level where you're comfortable enough with the language to have a conversation with someone? The answer isn't drilling more flash cards.

With Backpack, you aren't simply memorizing a word; you're forming a memory around it.


Handing a tomato to a vendor and hearing their response triggers something deeply rooted in how people learn. More than just words on a card or screen, you are actively participating!

Members of the Backpack community have already translated thousands of words and sentences into what sounds most natural to them. Thanks to all of the Backpack contributors who worked hard to help make this possible! If you want to add your voice to Backpack, you can join our community 👥

Give Backpack a try and practice conversations that you have in everyday life. The next time you go on vacation, order a coffee in a new language, or go to the market and haggle like a local! 😎

I hope you enjoy Backpack! Let me know what you think on Twitter @banada, or at nathaniel@backpacklanguage.com.